Sathit Pathum Daily Activities

We apply The Montessori Method, Integrated themes and Subject Oriented method, in our school. Children aged 18 months – 2 years old are in the nursery section and we have mixed aged children 3-6 years old, in kindergarten.

We use eclectic technique and guided reading for our students so that they all get the benefit of Montessori and Multiple Intelligence theory (Howard Gardner) in a warm and caring environment which, as Rudolf Steiner believes is the most important concept for nurturing our young children.

Daily Activities 1
Daily Activities 2

Our regular daily schedule begins at 8:15 a.m. with the flag rising and the singing of Thai National Anthem. It is followed by the Music and Movements Activities where the children and teacher line up to do the daily morning exercise.

A circle time activity follows where action songs and rhymes are learned and performed. After the active singing, finger plays and bodily movements, 10- minute yoga meditation is done to sooth and calm the children down after a series of physical movements. The floor exercise is followed by the singing of the days of the week and the reading of the two sight words is a must before leaving the circle.

Before work time begins, the children are asked to set the Weather Board, Thai, Chinese, and English Calendars for everyone to read. It is also within this time that teachers take the opportunity to remind the children about the schedule for the day and classroom rules. It is also the best time to demonstrate new lessons, art projects and apparatus.

The children are divided according to their levels in the morning. They will have formal academic instructions from the teachers. The children will refer their afternoon activities to the list on the schedule. The teacher will ring the bell or turn off the lights to inform everyone of the time to change their work.

Daily Activities 3
Daily Activities 4

Lunch is served at 12:00. The Nursery class takes their lunch at 11:30 and sleep afterwards. The day’s activities culminate with the summary of the activities of the day and instructions for the next day with the singing of “Goodbye Song” at 2:15 p.m.