Sathit Pathum – Parents’ Involvement

Parents play a central role in the lives of their children and are responsible for meeting their children’s physicals, social, and emotional needs. Parents are their children’s first teachers, and family influences are life-long.

When children begin Kindergarten, parents and teachers enter into a partnership to support children’s learning. For the well-being of their children, parents are encouraged to become involved in the Kindergarten experience.

There are times that the teacher will invite parents to get involved in ways that are appropriate for the school, the community, and the interests and needs of the class.

Parents' Involvement 1
Parents' Involvement 2

At home

The parents should support their child’s Kindergarten experience through at-home activities such as:
Reading stories aloud at bedtime
Helping the child to print his or her name
Being a reader and a writer, in order to be set as a role model for the child
Using good speech, as a model for children’s language skills
Celebrating and encouraging children’s early attempts to communicate.

Parents can share expertise and skills with the class, help organize activities or school/family functions, assist on field trips, prepare materials at home and give ideas and input for a school program.

After the Kindergarten Day

            Each new experience adds to a child’s knowledge, and when the child shares an experience with an adult, there is a great potential for reinforcing the learning. Parents are in the best position to help children make connections between past experiences and current ones.

Talking with children about their experiences in  Kindergarten sounds easier than it is. The question, “What did you learn in school today?” often receives the response, “Nothing. All we did was play!”, so it is the parents’ responsibility to ask further question on how the day at school turned out.

Remember that at Prep Kindergarten:

“We Make Learning a Happy experience through Play”

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