Sathit Pathum  – Expectations, School Rules, and Additional Services

It is our fervent wish to produce well-rounded, open-minded and productive individuals from our roster of students. For us to be able to do this, certain rules and policies are formulated to guide every member of the Prep Family. It is therefore our wish that everyone should follow accordingly.

Information for Parents 1

General Information and Procedures

Though we value and respect every child, we believe that discipline is important. Misbehavior will be dealt with accordingly, in a positive way in order for the child to understand his/her mistake. Member of the student body are expected

– To be polite at all times
– Respect the rights and properties of the school
– Respect the feelings, rights, and properties of other children
– Respect the leadership and authority of all staff members
– Do not hurt others
– Use appropriate language
– Walk and use “inside” voices in the school building
– Be attentive, quiet, and courteous during special programs

General Consequences:
– Re-direction
– Explanations
– Reprimands
– Notice to parents
– Phone call to parents
– Suspension of privileges
– Loss of recess privileges

With Prep’s utmost desire to produce productive and  balanced people, Prep children are expected to:

Complete all necessary requirements outlined for each course

Attend all academic and extra co-curricular activities designed to develop them physically, socially, and emotionally.

A weekly newsletter will be sent to parents at the end of each week outlining the lessons taught that week.

A parents-teacher conference is conducted at the end of every term to discuss the child’s performance during the terms. It will help parents and teachers plan and work together for the child’s future learning. If parents feel that they need to discuss matters further, they may call the office for an appointment during working hours.

During the year, a quarterly newsletter concerning school activities and other information will be provided. Please take time to read these notes and newsletters.

The parents’ advisory committee meets with the school principal monthly to share concerns that parents may have related to the operation of Prep International School.

Morning activities begin at 8:15 a.m. During school hours, the gates will be closed for security reasons. Parents can drop their child inside the school campus in the morning. However, parents should abide by the traffic flow system designated by the school.

For safety reasons, we strongly encourage parents to wait patiently for their child outside the school campus during afternoon pick-up. In cases of bad weather conditions, the parents are permitted to pick-up child inside the school premises.

If you cannot pick-up your child on time at 2:30 p.m., you have two (2) options:
Use school bus (cost depends on distance) or
After School Program detailed on this page (8,500 per term)
If you are not signed up for either of the above options, a late charge of 10 baht per minute will be levied.

Please read and discuss these rules with your child:

  • Observe same conduct as in the classroom
  • Be courteous, use no profane language
  • Do not eat or drink in the bus
  • Keep the bus clean
  • Cooperate with the driver
  • Do not be destructive
  • Stay in your seat
  • Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus
  • Bus driver is authorized to assign seats
  • Laser pointers, sharp or breakable objects, large items, are not allowed in the bus
  • No animals are allowed unless needed for a class project. If so, it should be securely placed in a box.

There is a time and place for everything. Toys, trading cards, balls, jump ropes, and other treasured children’s items need to be kept at home. Although of true importance to your child, these items could be a distraction and could often be a source of conflict between children in the classroom, on the playground (the school furnishes playground toys during recess time), and on the bus. Have your child keep all his/her treasures at home, safe and sound, so that we may maintain our focus on learning. If your child’s classroom features a “show and tell” time involving toys, they can be shown off and celebrated then safely stowed away in their bags. If child is being sent to school with money, parents should realize the responsibilities the child would have.

It would be wise to:
– Place the money in an envelope
– Include a note inside stating the reason for the money
– Place teacher’s name and child’s name on the outside of the envelope

A prescribed school uniform is worn four days a week. A physical Education pair of short pants and shirt should be worn on the designated P.E day. Parents are encouraged to provide their children proper footwear for safety purposes. Children are required to bring slippers.

If your child is absent or will arrive late for any reason, it is important that you inform the school. When your child reports to school after his/her absence, a written note from the attending physician is required. This is to ensure the condition of the child, to do work and join in activities.

Prep International Kindergarten provides an equal education opportunity to all students. Any person who believes that the School or any staff person has discriminated a student on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, religion, gender, age, ancestry, national origin, or any other protected characteristics as well as place of residence within the District boundaries, or social or economic background, has the right to file a complaint. The complaint must be made in writing to school office.

It should be understood that during school hours, only the teacher and aide will be the one to supervise the children inside the classroom. However, if parents wish to observe their child’s classroom, they have to make prior arrangements with the principal.

Birthdays are a very special event on the lives of every child. In prep, we mark this with a unique celebration. The birthday celebrant is allowed to wear casual clothes and will be greeted by everyone with a “Happy Birthday Song” during the morning assembly. Parents may arrange with the teacher if they want to bring a birthday treat to share. We encourage parents to prepare simple treat to avoid competition among our students.

Information for Parents 2

Healthy snacks and lunch are prepared by the school for their children. If your child needs a special diet please notify the principal or the business office. We strongly discourage sharing foods among students for health reasons.

For K1 and Nursery, children need a towel, toothbrush and beaker, toothpaste, milk for drinking, pajamas, powder, soap, comb/brush, clothes for changing, and outdoor shoes and sandals.

A child may be allowed to go on a field trip only with the parents’ written permission. It is a must that Prep children should wear proper footwear and their school uniform or any clothing that the teacher may suggest for security and proper identification.

Sathit Pathum – Health, Wellness, and Security & Emergencies

All children are required to have a physical examination, vision examination and immunization booster by their physician prior to attending school.

It is the responsibility of each parent to see that their child is well, before sending him/her to school. The child should be kept at home whenever there is any doubt if he/she is ill. If a child is ill during the night, or has an unusually poor night’s sleep, he/she should be kept at school the following day.

Please be sure not to send your child to school if he/she is starting to sniffle. This is usually the first sign of a cold. Since we want to keep our children well, it is to everybody’s benefit that the children with the beginning of a cold be kept home.

Even though the child has normal temperature, the early stage of a cold is usually the most contagious period. A restful, quiet day at home will help prevent a severe cold.
A child should be free of fever for at least 24 hours before he/she returns to school.

In case of a contagious disease or exposure to such, parents are asked to notify us at once, even if this occurs during vacation periods. All parents will be notified by us when a child in the group has a contagious disease.

Parents of Nursery children should send their children’s belongings with their children’s names (name tags).
To help the youngest learners of the school adjust:

– Their first 3 days would only be 2 hours and without lunch. Nursery parents then may wait outside.

– The next 2 days will be half day. Lunch will be served but parents may opt to take their children home before lunch.

– Regular activities will begin the next week.

– Parents will only send their children at the small gate by the hall and are discouraged to stay at the school premises during class hours.

– Pick up time will be 2:30 P.M. Transition for your dear children would be easy and comfortable if you will be there as they come out of their classroom.

In cases of an accident, the school has the right and obligation to bring the child to the nearest hospital located in the area. Parents will be informed immediately about the incident.

  • The children are covered twenty four hours with AIA accidents insurance. In case of accident, parents may claim a maximum of 5,000 Baht for hospital bills, any exceeding amount will be at the expense of the parents.

The safety of your child is one of our greatest concerns.

  • The school holds regular drills to teach students to respond calmly in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire drills are conducted each quarter.
  • Detailed escape plans are posted inside the door of each classroom to a designated area.
  • Schools are seldom dismissed early.

Schools will be dismissed early if, in the judgment of the management or the head teacher, weather conditions such as heavy raining or other potentially hazardous conditions make safe transportation of students to their home extremely hazardous. Students will be bussed in the regular order as normal if this occurs. Students should be instructed what to do when they reach home.

The school must always be informed as to a work telephone number or emergency number in the event your child becomes ill or is injured at school and requires your presence. Please remember to notify the school of any change of address or telephone numbers (work, home, childcare, etc.).

In the events that your child become ill or is injured at school, every effort will be made to contact you or the emergency number indicated on your enrollment form. For minor bruises and bumps such as skinned knees or elbows, we will administer Band-Aids. If your child has any health problems such as allergies, asthma, etc. that we need to be aware of, please let us know as soon as possible so we can develop an appropriate plan of medical care.

Upon enrollment at Prep International School, parents will be issued a “pick-up card”. This is to ensure the security of every children coming to our school. We strongly motivate parents to stick their Prep sticker on their car for identifying purposes. A pick-up card is required by the school if another person is picking up the child. Parents are strongly encouraged to inform the school if they cannot come to pick their child.

Written notification is needed if your child is being picked up by anyone other than a parent. Inform the office in person or by phone of the changes at telephone number 02-975-4523

Children who are transported by bus will arrive before 8:00 a.m. Students walking or provided with other transportations should arrive not later than 8:00 a.m. Class will begin promptly at 8:15 a.m.

Parents and guests who need to transact business at the school may park only their car at the designated parking area. However, parents who are just waiting for their child for pick-up may park their car outside the school premises for the safety of the students. Upon picking up your child, parents are asked to supervise their child to minimize the risk of accidents in the car park.

Parents of pre-school age children need to manage a unique balancing act during the school year. Early dismissal days, late office emergency meeting, traffic jams leave parents struggling to meet their children care needs. The hours between dismissal time at 2:30 to 6:00 p,m. each day are even more challenging for parent as they try to fill the gap between the end of the school day and the end of their work day.

Prep International acknowledged a belief that “There is no “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” child care program. The school had thought of convincing the teachers to spend more hours with the children whose parents are facing this type of struggle. An “After Care Program” is created help care for these children with very minimal charges for the children’s light dinner and an extra amount for the extra time spent:

Time Fee For Food Care Giver
4:30—5:00 150.00 50.00 100.00
5:00—5:30 300.00 50.00 250.00
5:30   after 500.00 50.00 450.00